Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.,Ltd. Organic Electronics Materials Dept.

Die Attach Material

Shin-Etsu die attach materials are two types, epoxy and silicone type. Epoxy based B stage material is a high purity insulating die attach material developed for stencil or screen printing. Showing good performance releasability, shape retention, storage stability at B stage status(semi-cured status with no tack appearance). After chip bonding, it can be re-melted by heating at high temperature and treat like thermal curing. It shows high low stress after curing.


B-Stage Epoxy Die attach

Product Appearance Melt viscosity Tg Young Modulus Condition of
Potlife after
Chip Boarding Condition Cure Condition
Unit Pa・s °C MPa
SFX513S Black 120 36 390 120°C/10min Room temp.
/ 6 month
150 °C (Chip),
150°C (Substrate)
0.5sec Raising Temperature at 30min / 125°C
Product CTE1(25ppm/°C) CTE1(25ppm/°C) TG
SFX-530D 25 80 230
SFX-540D 20 70 230

Silicone die Attach

Product Feature Cure Condition Melt viscosity Refractive index Hardness
°C Pa.s ND25  
LPS-8448X LED, Optical Sensor 150 23 1.41 D60
LPS-8420 Optical Sensor 21 1.41 A70
LPS-8421 Optical Sensor 30 1.41 A40

* The data of each product that exists in the above-mentioned table is not a standard value. Please test without fail before use beforehand, and confirm whether to suit use.