Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.,Ltd. Organic Electronics Materials Dept.

Silicone for Liquid crystal electrode protection

Shin-Etsu Chemical's liquid crystal electrode protection silicone is manufactured based on strictly process and quality control, and is variety of products which is from UV cureable type to room temperature curable type. It will be able to shorten cure time for large size of liquid crystal panel.


  Appearance Melt viscosity Hardness Tack Free time Cure Condition Cure Method
KJR-7805H-2 milk-white 9Pa.s 50 TypeA - Metal Halide lamp 800mJ/cm2 UV Cure
KJC-7805T-3 Transparent 4Pa.s 55 TypeA - Metal Halide lamp 800mJ/cm2 UV Cure
KJR-4013 grayish white 5Pa.s 40 TypeA 2hr RT/24hr Moisture Cure
KJR-4016 Yellow Translucent 3Pa.s 25 TypeA 15min RT/24hr Moisture Cure

* The data of each product that exists in the above-mentioned table is not a standard value. Please test without fail before use beforehand, and confirm whether to suit use.