Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.,Ltd. Organic Electronics Materials Dept.

D/A material (B stage agent, silicone)

Shin-Etsu Chemical's B-stage material is a high-purity and electric non-conductance die-attach material which is developed for stencils or screen printing.
It shows good plate releaseablity, shape retention, and storage stability at the B stage condition (a semi-cured status that is apparently cured without tack). After bonding the chips, it can handled in the same way as thermosetting resin which is remelted by heating at high temperature. It is showed high stress resistance after curing.
In addition, Shin-Etsu Chemical's silicone die-attach material is a highly adhesive die-attach material that controls outgassing during curing and suppresses contamination of wire pads.
It exhibits a wide range of low modulus and low pollution with unique technologies of silicone, so it can be applied not only to LED but also to sensors and semiconductor applications.


Product Application,Feature Cure Condition Melt Viscosity Hardness
°C Pa.s -
LPS-8445S-1 High Luminance
High Adhesive
10 65
LPS-8491 Low-Pollution
High Adhesive
14 55
LPS-8640 High Adhesive 7 91
High Reflection
High Heat Dissipation
15 55
LPS-8420 Optical Sensor
21 A70
LPS-8422 Low modulus
100°C 30 A40
LPS-8424 Low Modulus
under A10
150°C 30 Type 00 20

* The data of each product that exists in the above-mentioned table is not a standard value. Please test without fail before use beforehand, and confirm whether to suit use.