Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.,Ltd. Organic Electronics Materials Dept.

Polyimide Silicone Coating Material

Shin-Etsu high pressure and heat resistant silicone resin is polyimide silicone for stabilizing the PN junction of diodes and transistors, minimizing leakage current and protecting against mechanical shock and contaminations. It is excellent in heat resistance, electrical characteristics over a wide frequency range, good adhesiveness to various substrates, and effective for improving reliability of devices.


Product Feature Melt viscosity Non volatile Part Final Cure temp Volume Resistivity Dielectric Strength Tg Applicable Temperature
mm2/sec % TΩ・m kV/0.1mm °C
KJR-651 Standard ≺50μm 2000 24 250 200 13 250 -50~300
KJR-655 Thin layer 20-30μm 400 15 200 13 250
KJR-657 Thick layer 50-100μm 200 44 200 12 230
KJR-663 Low Temp. Cure 30 6 200 200 11 190

* The data of each product that exists in the above-mentioned table is not a standard value. Please test without fail before use beforehand, and confirm whether to suit use.